MKE Week 18 – Habitude


Days and weeks go by quickly, I can’t believe we are already 4 months into the program! It definitely orchestrates my daily life but the best part is that now I am the conductor! Therefore serenity has taken place instead of dealing with what is thrown at me with each new week tools/exercises/assignments, even if I still need to catch up and am not getting all the daily tasks done… I know what to do, the rules of the game and I am getting results, feeling empowered and aware even if I find myself being triggered in my same old ways when it comes down to emotional situations … the missing piece so far …

Imagination is this week virtue I picked in the Franklin makeover … so far this has been the one trait that let me the most perplex as far as recognizing it in me, catching it around me and although I know it is everywhere, I felt detached, indifferent to it…. Let’s look at it more closely: to create something, we must first imagine it. Thus everything around us was first imagined by someone’s brain then put into the physical world. In my professional life I actually create constantly, on the spot dealing with the inconsistency and unpredictability of the human mind. My daughter’s imagination at 12 years old is very vivacious, in the way she plays, draws, lets her mind think freely and entertain herself with excitement and joy! But why am I feeling indifferent to imagination …. am I unconsciously stopping myself from going there? However,I wouldn’t be able to go through this program neither create and manifest my DMP without imagination but indeed feel a lack of easiness and depth during our daily exercise the Sit…. something to examine and deepen in the future …

Besides that I am feeling lighter and lighter, more unleashed and excited by the daily connections I make, whether it is with the cashier of the grocery store, a member of the club I work at, the people I am reconnecting with through my 90 Day Dash new adventure, anyone! It doesn’t matter who/when/how, anymore! It became so easy and joyful to communicate with people while I can remember my really old self would have felt it like an effort, not knowing how to start a conversation/what to say … I am definitely experiencing a felling of deeper happiness and peace nowadays 🙂

My regular interactions with my Master Mind partner Carmel also contributes to the flow of this happiness formula, this free and safe space we have created is a place we feed each other and grow simply by sharing and contributing.

To finish I want to talk to you about some very simple daily tasks (like always 😉 we have been using for few weeks now -without knowing their effect-, that have finally been labelled as the secret of happiness consisting in 5 habits (habitudes in French): Writing on a card 3 things we are grateful for + do 2 random acts of kindness + write on a card a statement of a positive experience of the day + exercise. Well it is definitely working and I can’t wait to see and feel where the next 2 months will bring me!!! 🙂




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