MKE Week 19 – How easier can it be…

Haanel says that fear paralyzes the nerve centers thus affecting the circulation of the blood. He also says that in the physical, mental, moral, spiritual worlds there are innumerable contrasts that are expressions of two different parts of one quantity, aspects of the whole. Let’s take the example of knowledge and ignorance: ignorance is simply the absence of knowledge. In the presence of these 2 statements I think it is safe to say that fear can be seen like the absence of power, what then provides an access to enabling anyone to deal with and overcome fear.


Now I come to wonder if any kind of way that provides us with a feeling of power can overcome every type of fear? I really believe so as there are different levels of fear attributed to different triggers but not different fears. Then I have a simple and fun “tool” for you to try that Mark shared with us this week that will get anyone on the way to feeling powerful! Are you ready??

BLOG Week 19 Power Pose

Yep, this is it! Standing for 2min in this power pose and your levels of testosterone will increase and of cortisol will decrease. It goes both ways: Thoughts influence our body AND our body influences our thoughts! I love science!


We keep working on the Franklin makeover. This week was about Self-control. Whether it was of my emotions, of my time and schedule, of my thoughts, I still so love how it empowers me and would anyone with no specific prerequisites.

The sit, following the lesson of the week from The Master Key Experience from C. Haanel, is becoming one of my favorite exercises especially when done early enough during the day when my mind is still bright. I get to direct and expand the power of my thoughts while I’m in the sit but also, and this is the most exciting part, how this is putting me on the journey of my awakening! Finding my true self while killing my own dragons (ref “Finding Joe” movie). So fun!



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