MKE Week 17HJ ~ What Am I Pretending Not to Know

HJ stands for Hero’s Journey. If you missed my blog for the previous week (week 17), you will find out about this theoretical concept and how it unfolded for me.

So we are now the week after my breakthrough that freed me from some heavy old cement. Like every Sunday, the live webinar therefore the course keeps giving me pieces to keep the momentum each time at least one step deeper. This week one of the new elements introduced is a question that kept forcing me to face my truth, uncovering more, eliminating procrastination and getting my authentic/true-self in action : “What am I pretending not to know?” that is added to our daily readings. I love how powerful, right on point this question is! At this stage of the course there is really no place to hide anymore! The truth must come out and does!

And if like me you were afraid of showing who you were because you thought something was wrong with you, you felt more like a loner, not associating yourself with people, then this week webinar was filled with reminders to eradicate this story! We heard it with Dr Seuss: “why are you trying to fit in when you are made to stand out?” – Also Oscar Wilde, “be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – and like I already mentioned last week, the incredible hero’s journey of Aimee Mullins who altered the idea of prosthetics and proclaimed her uniqueness (“disability” like society would qualify it as “an asset she promoted to the fullest”, “being nature’s biggest miracle”, Og Mandino, Scroll IV.

Mark’s intervention on this subject during the webinar was so powerful thanks to his usual passion and authenticity, and resonated so deeply with my emotional state right after my breakthrough! “There is greatness in everyone of us” and “there is no common people”! There is only one of us in the whole world after all, therefore each of us is and I am unique, meaning rare!

As a result of all the tools/exercises we have been put through till now, I can state I am definitely witnessing myself evolving, being on the driver sit, becoming the master of my thoughts, emotions, actions. It doesn’t mean I don’t relapse (yet), it means I am aware of what’s happening when it is happening most of the time, I don’t get overwhelmed nor loose my temper like I used to, nor get defensive as much anymore. But instead I remain calm, peaceful and act instead of reacting. What a better and happier life I am building for myself and people around me thanks to this course! πŸ™‚



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