MKE Week 12 – Success= (SimpleTask1 + SimpleTask2 + SimpleTask3 + SimpleTask4) x *****

Checklist and to do list with v sign check marks in square box. Pen and paper. Project management, planning and keeping score of completed tasks concept.

This week started like any other one, with our Sunday webcast. I always look forward to it… it is such a booster, with no exception each time reigniting my fire!

This one met again this expectation and even more! Today was waiting for us the 50 minute exercise… We had been asked to write a one sentence based on our DMP and bring it to the webcast. Yes, you are guessing correctly… put the 2 together and you got the exercise, nothing more than that… our task was to repeat this sentence again and again for 50min, in front of a mirror… well my 40min seemed timeless, I would define them like a roller coaster ride though … after getting ready putting my favorite essential blend “Magnify Your Purpose” around my neck and playing my empowering background music, I read the sentence a few times before to have it memorized what then allowed me to be more present emotionally to the task and words… from then I went from a neutral feeling, to strength, to starting to cry, to regaining my composure, to sobbing, to overcoming my distress, to crying again even more deeply, to finally feeling like I was safe…  the words finally weren’t forced anymore out of my mouth while rocking forward and back but were filling my body up with confidence, certainty and peace… Wow this fight was over and I had won it!! I finally defeated my dragon! This “little” but so overpowering voice, this destructive part of myself that I had always heard, who was simultaneously telling me “You will never be able to do that… this is too big… no, you don’t have what it takes, no way… not you… this is just  dream…” while I was saying my one sentence DMP, had vanished somewhere around the 35 minutes mark… It felt so good to be standing there, nothing in my way!! I’ll do this simple exercise again, valuable impact!

What else happened this week? Well I keep really enjoy reading The Greatest Salesman Scroll 3, it really fires me up… really my type of motivation! What is even better is that reading it daily for the 2nd week keeps bringing more to it … the same words get more depth and so much more meaning … love how this works!

I also finally gave up on my ego regarding the Service card…. it took me 11 weeks! I’ve always accomplished them on time weekly (but one) till now, but always chose something bigger than asked because I like to challenge myself, prove I can accomplish challenging things and wanted to use this opportunity to make sure I was getting important/useful things done … The problem is that I linked stress and effort to accomplishing these tasks although the goal was to attach a feeling of easiness to accomplishing thing I commit myself to do… Subby doesn’t know size the MKE team keeps telling us! What service did I choose this week?!? 😉

New -and always easy- quick boost added this week! 50 or more flash cards where we wrote things we are good at/we have done… making them, this sounded pretty light and so classical… but provided me within minutes with another shift in internal energy,  strength and certainty! I love how simple and accessible everything is, however  regularity and frequency with persistence are key.

I will finish this week blog with a phrase extract from Haanel, Lesson 12:   Thoughts impregnated with love becomes invincible ….




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