MKE Week 11 – Bigger than myself…

BLOG Week 11 CrwVEMpWcAAu6Np

How to create a new reality has been revealed to us this week …. and that’s simply what we have been building all along these past weeks with this program.

It starts with a burning desire, persistence being the key to the success of this system; that involves time, repetition, consistency, everything done with high vibration emotions.

From then we realize anything the mind can create can become reality as long as some specific conditions are met, four conditions more exactly:  a burning desire for the fulfillment of this reality, an action plan, not entertaining negativity, and an encouraging support. Anything… it can work from the best to the worst by the way! 😦

So… what have I missed, what’s still missing for me to fully believe in the new reality I want to create for the world that I talk about in my DMP??

Well, reading my DMP (or movie trailer) three times a day is now feeling mechanical, loosing its freshness and power …. what if I could color it by recording it on some music, play it instead of reading it each single time, adding some visualization making it more exciting?

My plan of action … well I have to admit I’ve been playing safe so far, not pushing myself enough of my comfort zone, building a safe ground as my internal justification. The truth is that I’ve let my fears control me more than my desires! What am I waiting??? Do I need to reach for something bigger? Or do I associate too much pain to getting out of my comfort zone? Well fear being a false evidence appearing real I will keep feeding my brain with and especially apply what Scroll III in the Greatest Salesman in the World talks about (my favorite Scroll so far by the way). When I read it I feel it in my heart, emotions come up … it is where I need and want to be! Then my fear won’t feel like pain anymore and I can be free from it!

We have started with the 7 day mental diet few weeks ago … it has been challenging but it’s becoming a natural way to live as days and weeks go by. Triggers I know can be just around the corner but are more easily preventable and less powerful, leaving me with more and more peace! YAY!! 🙂

I know I am not missing on the last necessary condition: a friendly alliance with one or more persons. I have for sure two, and this number will keep growing as I transform myself and grow into this new reality that is bigger than myself!





  1. Your post wow , clearly you know the answer, for you wrote it out and answered it! Good for you don’t ignore your greatness, I played it safe it got me , last years events all over. Crazy drama! Go for it my dear master minder! You got this


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