MKE Week 19 ~ Heart versus Head, we have a Winner!

Last week was another powerful week in terms of the newly incredibly well designed tools we were given to integrate to our daily habits. The weekly progression of the course is undeniably setting us to success!
This week’s simple tool could easily be taken as a joke as it relates to comic book superheroes like Wonderwoman and Superman. Except it is actually backed up with scientific facts (Amy Cuddy Ted Talk) proving that standing for 2min in a power pose -like with both fists on the hips or both arms straight out overhead- increases not only levels of testosterone but also reduces levels of cortisol, increasing confidence and reducing stress as a result. We had learnt with Haanel about the power of thoughts; now we are discovering it goes both ways: Thoughts influence the body AND the body influences our thoughts too!!

But in spite of this incredible technology delivered to me week after week, I was again back to refusing the Call!?!
“Luckily” and thanks to a video my master mind partner Andrea had shared of Joe Dispenza interviewed by Lewis Howes “This is why you can’t find love”. it became clear to me how much I was still being and leading with my my analytic mind, being disconnected from my other brain: my heart. My head can trick me, my heart can’t, new shift 🙂



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