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Sophie Delachance – Wailea, Maui Hawaii – Posted: June 22nd 2024

After a swift as an arrow success with her creative and exciting way to empower people to live a durable Healthy & Happy life, our French entrepreneur goes back to her country offering a camp version of her ChhC center, this time “en vacances” (on vacations)! Here is the story of a successful Californian adopted French woman!


In this beautiful summer day here in Maui, I am meeting with Christelle Semenjuk-Magnier.

She asked to meet at this splendid resort overlooking the ocean on the west side of Maui, the “Four Seasons” in Wailea. When I asked her why here, she confessed that in summer 2018 she happened to “randomly” meet online (she rolled her eyes up with a smile while finger quoting the word) a resident of Kihei (just a little north of here) Joel. By his presence at a key time of her life (her enrollment in the Mater Key Experience 6 month program in September 2018), his spiritual abilities and knowledge, the discussions they had daily, he contributed to where she is now. The best part is that he had no knowledge at all of the existence of Mark Januszewski and Davene’s program MKE but spoke the same language, used the same concepts, etc, simply prepping Christelle’s mind for receiving the amazing but intense technology of the MKE program and supporting her evolution through the program .… what a “coincidence”!!    😉

Another “coincidence” happened when she came to visit Joel in Maui right after starting the MKE program.  As they were meeting a friend of his at a hotel on the beach, Christelle recalled having been there before… indeed she realized a little later she stayed in Kihei 12 years ago when she was pregnant with her daughter Alyzée!! Joel and Christelle’s last evening together on the island before she went back to California (she was at this time living near Sacramento), they had an unforgettable dinner here, at the Four Seasons’ restaurant Spago, with his daughter and a friend of hers. And today is actually Alyzee’s birthday, she is turning 18!!! Happy birthday Alyzée!!

Let me give you a little history about Christelle: she came to America (Florida) the first time on vacations during the 9/11 terrorist attacks (she was 30 then) … what a first experience! Her second time in back in 2002 she went to California to visit Randy, the man she had met in Vancouver two years prior, this same man who asked her to move to America and later became her husband. This was the beginning of the story of a French girl in America!

Christelle had lived in California since she had left Paris in Fall 2002 with a BA in Psychology, degrees in Fitness and in NLP, and four suitcases of fifty pounds each containing pretty much all of her 30 French life years!

Fast forward, Personal Trainer at Del Norte in 2004 in Sacramento, Alyzée’s birth in 2006, Personal Trainer at Rollingwood Athletic Club in 2009, divorce in 2010, Fitness Director in 2013, Tony Robbins first UPW event and first figure bodybuilding competition in 2014, Young Living essential oils business in 2016, Pranic Healing certifications in 2018 … and MKE just few months after that made everything possible!


SD – “Bonjour Christelle, bienvenue! Did I pronounce it correctly?”

CSM – “Oui oui, c’est parfait! It means it is perfect! Thank you for meeting me here, on this very special day! It is my daughter’s birthday and I’m expecting her to join us any minute!”

SD – “It is my great pleasure! Thank you for accepting my request to tell your success story to the world! So Christelle, I am very excited to hear directly from the founder what is ChhC about! Please tell us everything “we are allowed” to know about your so successful center!”

CSM – “Well, ChhC stands originally for Christelle Health and Happiness Center we opened in June 2021 for my 50th birthday here in Maui. “C” can also stand for Camp in its newly designed version I’m exporting for the first time to France this summer, basically taking people on vacations while they improve as successfully their life on their terms as they would in our Center version!”

SD – ” So tell me Christelle, how did it all start?”

CSM – Well it all started because as a personal trainer I have always felt the limitations of the impact I could have on many of my clients. Also coming from a psychology background, I knew there were other and stronger factors than simply put “calories in, calories out” and training methods for people to successfully reach their fitness goals. I already knew my passion was to help others find their own way to reach what fulfills them and make them happy. And one day it came to me, the concept that put all the pieces together…. a mental design with its logo: capital C, lower case h, upside down lower case h, reversed capital C, all the letters imbricated like pieces of a puzzle forming a ball.  And I realized later that even the design of the building I had in mind was shaped like the logo!

At this point in time I had no idea if, how or when I would make it happen! I just had finally assembled together all the different pieces I had in my mind, including making me travel and spend some regular time in my country France!

As the years went by I started to hear about essential oils and decided to make some research. I contacted Jeanne Conca who introduced me to Young Living incredible product line! Not only I understood how effective these oils were for our health but also saw a powerful way to support my clients’search for wellness and health. And on top of that I saw the potential to reach financial and time freedom that would support my Center project.”

SD – “Yes Young Living, Gary Young’s world leader company in essential oils! I have heard how science backs up a lot of research on essential oils now. So it is not only about smelling good?”

CSM – “Oh nooo there is an oil for everything like we say in my world hahaha! To summarize, my goal was and still is to limit the contamination, intoxication, impact on my body from the toxins found in my environment. Studies show these same toxins are at the origin of so many diseases and health problems from allergies to cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer, etc! I try to eliminate and replace as much as possible the chemicals we live with at every second and step of our life and this is where Young Living comes into play and is a life changer! The purity, the variety of their products, allow me to protect not only my health and my family’s, but also anyone’s on the planet with Young Living being available almost all over the world . Health and any aspect that supports it are very important factors in my life.

How better does it get than working with what I am passionate about plus that supports my values, and that can make me financially free, right?! I’m currently a Platinum leader and I’m working toward Diamond  I’ll reach before 2026. I’m so grateful, my life is really amazing! I have so much freedom, pleasure and fun doing what I love while living my life purpose!”

SD – “I really feel how passionate and happy you are! Your energy and enthusiasm are contaminating, thank you so much for that! I understand how you became so successful with such a positive drive and strong determination! We really see your logo everywhere! Magazines, billboards, interviews on TV and radio, etc! You are taking over the world of mind-body wellness! Congratulations!”

CSM – “Thank you so much Sophie … it is really my pleasure, I get to do everyday of my life what I love now, it fulfills me so much!

Oh I see my daughter, she is a little early so would you mind if we would take a break? You know it is her 18th birthday today… I’ll be right back with her!”

And there Christelle gets up with a huge smile on her face as she runs wearing a very elegant but simple summer dress that makes her look like a she walks suspended….

As for me, waiting for her to come back I’m enjoying a delicious desert…. 😉

5min later Christelle comes back accompanied by her tall and elegant daughter, Alyzée who’s tuning 18 today!!…

CSM – ” Thank you for your patience Sophie, here is my daughter Alyzée who just arrived from California yesterday where she celebrated her birthday with her dad, step-mom, her brother and sister, and next week we both will take off to France for the Grand Opening of my new Camp there, so exciting!!”

SD – “Very nice meeting you Alyzée, happy birthday and welcome to Maui! I hope you already enjoyed your special day!”

AS – “Thank you very much, yes indeed it is fantastic to be here on my 18th birthday! ”

SD – “So Christelle, so you were telling us what your center was about. ”

CSM – “Yes. So here is the recipe I use: simply taking people out of their environment for long enough to be able to definitively eliminate their desempowering patterns and habits, substituting them with new and empowering ones -chosen by them but under guidance-. My team of exceptional professionals and myself apply this technique to the major life aspects of each individual, making this program very personal and designed by and around each specific case. Ultimately the individual chooses how long he/she wants to stay in immersion but the longer the better to get long lasting changes.

Simply put we first meet a future candidate on a consultation to determine what is currently going on in their life, what do they want and why. We then design a schedule or individual program if you will that addresses all appropriate aspects of life that will support the accomplishments of the candidate goals or objectives: Physical health- Emotional health – Relationship – Time – Career – Finance – Spirituality.

We have different plans: 1 month – 3 months – 6 months – 1 year. We also involve the family or immediate environment because the readaptation to the old environment after immersion could be very brutal. We include in the curriculum extra activities like music, dance, painting, wine tasting, acting, etc; we adapt to who is in the program and take in consideration requests. We offer check up/maintenance sessions on a regular basis to help maintain the desirable changes over time and continue on the road of progress.

The seclusion and separation from the loved ones/family/environment is really the most challenging part for everyone but it is the determining factor. We definitely allow visits inside the center every two weeks for few hours. And it has proven to be a very successful program! Our candidates need to be determined to make a change in their life otherwise it is a waste of their time and their peers as there is a group effect as big as the sum of the individuals’ determination. I love when they arrive, and when they live … it is quite emotional each time! Voila!”

SD – “Wow, I can see how this system will work so well long term! Well I can’t wait to hear how France will welcome it!”

CSM – “Me too!! I’m so excited to have created my own opportunity to go back to my country on a regular basis and to contribute to people’s health and happiness there as well! Tony Robbins who heard about my success here in the US is talking about visiting my French camp during his next vacations to France. I already have invited Mark Januszewski and Davene to come by when they take their next trip to France … I remember when I took the MKE course in 2018, Mark had on his DMP to go visit France!

SD – “Well Christelle, I so appreciate the time you gave me today on your daughter’s birthday, really grateful for what you bring to the world!I wish you at least as big of a success with this next adventure, the camp, as you have with your Center here in Maui! I’ll stay in touch for another interview in France next time! Ca marche? Thank you again so much!”

CSM – “C’est moi qui vous remercie Sophie! It was a real pleasure to meet you and share with you what I’m so proud to have finally accomplished after many years doubting, procrastinating, failing … so I want to send a huge Thank You to Joel, Mark, Davene, the MKE team and community, my Young Living community and my amazing Mastermind buddy Carmel for supporting, encouraging, empowering, pushing me when I needed it the most! 😉 Au revoir or Aloha like they say here!”