MKE Week 2 – When the conscious gets out of the way…

In week 2 webinar we are introduced to the concept of Personal Pivotal Needs “PPNs”, fundamental to recognize within ourselves to discover our Dharma we develop and improve week after week under the concept of Definite major Purpose “DMP”. Among seven most important ones listed below, two drive us like they are oxygen for our soul and they manifest.

Autonomy– being accountable to none other than yourself; having the freedom to come and go when and where it pleases you

Helping Others– being in service to others without expectation of reciprocity or personal gain

Legacy– that which you leave to family and/or society and for which you will be remembered as having made beneficial contributions

Liberty– having the resources and time enabling one to have or do those things or activities most desired in life

Recognition For Creative Expression– being recognized as a creator of ideas, literature, music, business or products of benefit to at least certain segments of society

Spiritual Growth– developing an understanding of who you are, what your purpose is and living your life in complete harmony with the universal spirit that is within you. In many cases dedicating your life to helping others grow spiritually

True Health– attaining the highest possible level of physical, mental and spiritual health

This is my 3rd year taking the course. Each time I thought I had found my true PPNs: True Health & Helping Others the 1st year – 2nd year, True Health & Recognition for Creative Expression then I changed them for Recognition for Creative Expression & Liberty – Helping others & Recognition for Creative Expression are the ones that have been revealed this year through a powerful simple exercise done live during the webinar I really enjoyed: we wrote down the seven PPNs with our non dominant hand; then we closed our eyes head tipped back, quieting our mind, asking for the truth and after about 20s we looked down to circle 2 needs without hesitation (by focusing on our 2 PPNs we get the 5 others anyways). The ones I circled actually felt so right compared to Recognition for creative expression and Liberty I was expecting. As a reinforcement of their veracity, when I worked on the revised version of my DMP, they organically showed up without having to create phrases that contained them I remember having in mind the previous years.

As I accomplish my goals my PPNs will evolve and change. I just know now and feel within my whole mind and body that in this present stage of my life what drives me is to Help Others & being Recognized for Creative Expression! Let’s get to work now!!


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