MKE 2021/22 Week 1 – Jamais 2 sans 3

Here I am again! Third time around!

I thought I would take a year off to “digest” the intense material like I did after my first round in 2018/19. But after spending the program off months of the year (April to September) staying connected with my mastermind buddy Andrea, we were both thirsty for more and ready to dig deeper.

Getting into the program this year already feels different, less defense, less resistance. The daily readings still represent some challenge to fit in, especially the mid-day one and comprehending the Master Key system lesson. However my energy around the required task of reading 3 times a day (Og, my DMP, the BPB (twice), and a lesson in Master Key System (once)) feels guided by my purpose, and not focused on what I am “told to do” to “pass the requirements”. I guess I can say I’ve grown up!

Another difference this year is my challenge with the sit, staying completely still for 15min…. but on the other side like the past years, I start taking out sleep time to complete these tasks on top of my already busy life … can’t go there again!



  1. Christelle, so glad to see you back. You have the power to fit what you want into your busy life. I am looking forward to reading your weekly blogs. From your blog rover friend John.

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