MKE Week 13 ~ Grateful :)

The turbulence of Christmas did finally stop December 24th! Leading up to then I haven’t been able to get back on my week 12 new routine I wanted to re-implement and reinforce. And it is each time the same effect: few hours of sleep leads to late wake up, skipping first reading, delayed trigger of the unconscious leading to loss of momentum and motivation to do the necessary required work leading to scattered days with added distractions leading to old habit of finishing days tooooo late …. and added total de-interest for the readings and exercises.

I however have a very cute story to share on the law of giving and in relation to a new exercise added this week: writing daily 3 things we are grateful for on flashcards we read to ourselves among the other cards on what we do great..

Earlier this year I was in line at a Starbucks drive-in. When I arrived at the window to pay the coffee shop employee tells me the vehicle before me had paid for my order. That was the first time anyone had done anything like that for me and I felt happy, filled with feeling of gratitude from this very kind gesture. I always kept on my mind to pay-it-forward, and that’s what I did this week. Same situation, the drive-in of a Starbucks, I had made the decision to pay-it-forward thus put the law of giving in action. As I got to the window to pay for my 2 personal drinks plus whatever the car behind had ordered and tell the coffee shop employee about it, she starts telling me “I’m so sorry you have been waiting for your order so long I’m giving you a drink for free” (although the wait had been completely habitual but… ) so my own bill got already reduced by 50% although I hadn’t told her yet i wanted to pay for the other customer lol! And when I did she said she was also applying the same 50% off for the same reason to the next customer’s order.

So I ended up paying for a drink and a half and getting 3 drinks which 1 was for the stranger behind me. The law of giving and receiving “The more you give the more you receive” -without expectations of reciprocity- gave me back right away! I’m so grateful for this unexpected and fun experience!!



  1. This was a fun story to read! I am catching up today by checking out blog posts I have missed reading, plus blog posts I have missed writing (Weeks 13, 14, & 15) and I want to complete them before our MKE webinar this afternoon so I will be all caught up and ready to move forward. Hope to catch you today on our Safari Njema Zoom. πŸ™‚

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