MKE Week 12 ~ The power of 3!

During the week 12 webinar, 2 fellow MKE members reached out to me in response to my request for a mastermind partner I had left a few weeks ago in the Alliance. Receiving this responses was (of course 😉 happening at a perfect time as I was not emotionally in a strong place (see Week 11 blog).

The 2 ladies who connected with me were not strangers to me: Andrea, who I had read the blogs some weeks prior and who touched me, was getting back to me after I had left a comment on one of her blogs proposing her to form a mastermind alliance with me. And Stephana, who was my guide when I went through the course the first time 2 years ago, I didn’t know was also taking the course this year around. I had really liked who she was about when we met, we definitely had a connection and things in common. I didn’t want to turn any of these ladies down so I let them know about the situation, suggesting to form a trio if everyone agreed and see how that went. Everyone was on board!!

Once we were set on our Marco Polo group, our daily check ins not only empowered each of us thanks to being kept accountable by the group but also started to bring the fruits of what a mastermind is about: by being different (a red, a white, and a blue/red) with different personalities and ways to be in life while dealing with the same life situations (all of us are entrepreneurs, doing MKE, single moms and around 50 years old) we were naturally offering different perspectives and options to identical situations, bringing more to each other as a result!

Unfortunately the craziness of getting ready for Christmas got in my way of keeping the momentum I had successfully implemented at the beginning of the week on a hardcore bad habit of mine (sleeping pattern): completing all requirements + planning my next day hour per hour + going to bed at a reasonable time of midnight versus 2/3am (goal was 11pm). And as an expected result of that change of habit I felt more lifted, fresher, stronger, more effective from the very start of my day. And for the longest I can remember <not to say forever> I was craving to go to bed even earlier. That by itself was a successful win against this long term bad habit!

This week has definitely refueled my fire thanks to many aspects of the program: first getting together with my incredible mastermind partners, second the progression of the program with this week an additional 30 cards to read that portray what we do/did great, and still with Og Scroll III “I persist till I succeed” and Haanel Part 12 (that was one if not the most comprehensible to me so far).

GOAL for week 13: recreating the conditions to implement again an early bed time.



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