MKE Week 9 ~ Not my own Friend yet… but Gaining great Territories!

This week has been the one I have been the least faithful to the daily reading exercises … they felt like a chore, completing one full reading or 2 max per day and always getting at it very late, therefore falling asleep listening to my Youtube audio version of Haanel, definitely not being able to direct my mind on the sit exercise more than for a few minutes before dozing off -I have to say Haanel still doesn’t penetrate my mind for long enough, what is a turn off as far as my motivation for reading it-. And of course because I fall asleep I always end up not doing the Gal in the class! Hmm… convenient don’t you also think? Well looking back this lack of enthusiasm for the daily routine started actually last week, before my breakthroughs and the high I was on going through a successful mental diet day. Is my old blueprint sabotaging my progresses therefore the appearance of my new blueprint, searching for these old peptides? Although we had been asked to not watch any TV since last week, I actually saw myself going back on it! Definitely observing myself procrastinating and wasting so much time instead of working on myself and not being able to modify the behavior! Welllllll …..

A good new action/behavior came out of this time management issue I have always pretty much had: this week I put in place effortlessly again something I have wanted to do forever, I have repeatedly written down at night a hourly plan of the following day, working around my clients’ appointments to squeeze things I needed to get done, carving some time for my daily tasks and goals! That worked out really well for everything, except for my reading exercises 😉 … I think also a contributing factor for not getting these readings done is that I am bored with them, probably because they don’t provide tangible results but work behind the scene? But how easy is it to establish new behaviors now!! 🙂

At last another revelation and accomplishment of this week is the realization, leading to the confirmation, of how now I show up in the world effortlessly. I can say I personify more and more scroll II in the Greatest Salesman in the World, when before i would have had judgments underneath my honest kindness in my connection with people. Now I can see, feel people I hadn’t interacted with for quite some time being warmer, more loving, more authentic as a reflect of my inner state. This is THE great gift of this week!



  1. I’m glad to hear of your progress. That old blueprint does not want you to change. Creating the new habit is going to break those peptides eventually. It is always a work in progress. Good for you!

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  2. I love it! Keep showing up; keep observing; keep noticing positives along the way, no matter how minuscule they may seem, and remember… A relatively small rudder can steer a huge ship toward new horizons. ❤


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