MKE Week 7 ~ One Big Victory, the one of the Heart!

Let me start with this (strange) concept added a few weeks ago that I have not integrated yet “Living life by the compass not by the clock”… . Intellectually I get it: the compass signifies my purpose, vision and mission for life – the clock represents my commitments, activities, calendar, schedule and so on. Well at this point of the program it is clear that I am still on the clock mode (overwhelmed, trying to get ahead) while creating/revising/having laser focus of my vision through my DMP -my compass- (that is improving each week though so I’m getting closer). So, when does the compass get ahead and take control over the clock? How is that attainable when my daily work life is based on hour(s) chucks of time whether with clients, whether on zoom calls, webinars, school hours, businesses hours of operation … when can I escape this dictature of time, when building a business, a career, with parental responsibilities…? Can I understand and trust that once my vision is complete and stated, my purpose is crystal clear and I’m living by it then the reins will change from the world without (the clock) to the world within (the compass) with focus and industriousness? The time will say …

An emotional challenge I have been dealing with these past weeks was related to the “No judgment, no opinion” exercise to which we added this week the Mental Diet with the “No negative opinion”. Watching my thoughts made me actually very judgmental about myself, thus building up negativity about myself then more emotional responses in myself and towards others….and when confronted with what seemed to me like inauthenticities I had breakdowns. Well thanks to my daughter and being sick -with a sore throat, what a coincidence! The throat, where we store guilt/worry/resentment!- and at home with my daughter for 2 days waiting for my test results, I was able to put in practice and integrated in my flesh the concept brought up in Scroll II of the Greatest Salesman in the world that allowed me to, instead of criticizing and have unhappiness energy in my heart when not good things came to me, to still express my point of view of the negative situation around me but coming from a place of love. Then there is no guilt coming from me anymore and my words are more welcomed and helpful to the receiver! “I will greet this day with love, and I will succeed!” Og Mandino



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