MKE Week 5 ~ Après la Pluie, le Beau Temps….

I feel some kind of loss of momentum, of excitement arriving at the end of this week…. I consciously can attribute this to few different parameters: my work days being filled with clients’appointments I see or go see back to back rarely allows my mid-day readings to take place till 4:30pm. And during all this time my mind and focus are on my clients, unfortunately in a MKE disconnected state very often for a total of 6/8h, away from my phone and computer. As a result I haven’t ingrained the habit to respond to my shapes/colors in my environment and reinforce the relationship made with the material.

Another aspect of this week is exercising a “no opinion” mental state…. well after the first day of being the observer of my thoughts, I started to wonder: when does having no opinion ever happen?!?! It’s astonishing to realize how much of our internal dialogue, time, energy is quasi made only with opinions!! This constant need for control, certainty, does it ever stop? What does it take? Well this I understand this is what this program is leading me to uncover. And I believe I already got glimpses of how it feels when I was in harmony and in peace with myself, accomplished and fulfilled. Unfortunately a particular event I could have dealt with better got in the way of that this week…

I attribute this same event to the fact that I didn’t connect to part 5 of the Master Key System this week either… but, one thing I’m really feeling more and more connected to is my DMP. It used to feel stiff, mechanical, intellectually produced. Now it is becoming a story, my story! I’m so glad we get to spend that much time improving it, nurturing it, grow with it!

Very full week as far as pieces to manage and produce. My press release has yet to be rebuilt from the one I produced in 2018… I just don’t know where to yet. And I got to continue on the reading of Emerson, Compensation…. this week is not finished yet, I got to keep my promises and use my resources to create reconnection tricks!



  1. Hey there Christelle, Know that you are on the right path with this realization that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with life’s challenges and right now things are not exactly as you might hope they would be. Remember, this too shall pass! Keep up the good work. Peace, Julie

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