MKE Week 4 ~ Reality Contrast, just a Mental Shift Away

In comparison to last week that felt super super busy in a stressful-running after time kind of way, this week started even busier “on paper” as far as scheduled work appointments and tasks .

As the days went on I noticed my mood was significantly more peaceful, and I found myself having “free” time in the middle of the day…. And soon I saw myself without anymore prompting than just seeing things around the house I had meant to do some time ago or that just had been bugging me the way they were left currently, I saw myself starting working on them! Up to completion! And not only that but also the final result was I can say even better than it would have been 1/2/3/4 weeks ago!

So what happened since last week? Like it was revealed to me then, the story of the 10 year old Christelle that was still living inside of me had created for 30 years a crevasse in my inner self. The connections since then had been interrupted between questions/thoughts and answers/actions making the entire process slower, presenting many opportunities for the answer to be delayed, disrupted, short-circuited, lost….

When I had at the end of last week the breakthrough on my sacrifice being letting go of the 10 year old Christelle story, I simply reconnected the circuits the crevasse had destroyed and erased that hole that was only a creation of my mind. So now there is nothing -no questioning, no pondering, no standby, no procrastination, no waste!!!!- between the thought and the action on the thought. What a time saver!! What an emotional saver!! What a confidence booster!! Faster and better, this is my new life!! 🙂

WOW, this is only the end of the 4th week, 23 left to go!!! It is breathtaking to realize (again) how much the life we live and take for “the” reality is just a product and individual construction of the experiences we made rules from and that we are just a perspective away from a complete different life!

Now I have to find a way to regulate myself …. it’s not because I do things faster that I stop earlier! Oh nooo! I just keep doing things still until I reason myself on the fact that I should get some sleep lol! …. That might be for next week revelation…. who knows what’s going to happen for me till then!



  1. Amazing isn’t it? How a little shift in perspective can change so much in our world.Wonder what is in store for all of us by the end of the next 23 weeks!

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