MKE 2020/21 Week 01 ~ Going Into Round 2, With a Smile on my Face :)

This is my second time doing the Master Key Experience, 1st time being 2 years ago. The experience was then intense and mind blowing as far as the personal development outcomes and the knowledge behind the course. I absolutely came out of my first 6 month MKExperience as an improved version of myself, permanently changed. But to sustain this required rhythm to reach success I sacrificed two passions of mine: working out (essential to my well being and sanity) and the practice of energy healing (I had started learning and being part of a regular practice in my life more recently) . I had a lot on my plate in 2018, more than now, and surely had a lot of resistance coming from my “subbie” to try to not change the uncomfortable comfort I was living in. I really saw the potential of the course and here I am back (alone this time, first time with a group of multi marketers from the same company) and in such a better place in all areas of life to play full.

I am (still) not the planner type -like having my whole year planned out in advance- but I had the MKE course on my wall year calendar to make sure I wouldn’t miss it. I even registered “early” (for me at least)! I simply want to go deeper, reveal my full potential! I know I am more/better equipped this year, more organized with less going on my Subbie would use to throw me off again. I even caught myself smiling as I was registering! 🙂

We are almost done with week 1, and since day 1 I can say I’ve clearly felt an immediate impact of the (same) material on myself, my subconscious feels in familiar territory and I already feel more confident, more driven! I also wrote my DMP with such ease, which contains things I have started to incorporate the very next day and even without thinking about it neither effort!

My challenge so far (and again) has consisted on the Master Key System reading that I ended up doing too late at night therefore not making it as impactful -Ikeep falling asleep reading-. I must change strategy AND schedule it!

That will be it for now. And the (next) adventure (of my life) begins! 🙂



  1. It is better on the 2nd time around! Congrats! I can feel your energy, love, and passion for people & life! May your life be filled with adventures & stories to tell! I personally can’t wait to hear it! 🙂

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  2. Hey Christelle, The second time around – when I did it – was so much better for me. I trust it proves the same for you. I love how you have incorporated the essence of your DMP the very next day. What a powerful beginning. Keep up the great work. Believe, Julie

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  3. Very interesting post! I am starting to see quite a few people that are on repeat visits through MKE, and I am guessing that the journey of self-discovery is one that can’t be stopped once it is started. It will be interesting to see what you discover this time around that didn’t come out the first time! Enjoy the continuing journey!

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    • Thank you for reading and commenting on my post Chris. I agree, self discovery never stops if one has the desire to pursue it. The nuggets one can gather along this journey are worth the hardships, sometimes inevitable price to pay to advance. And it becomes quickly addictive! I’m indeed eager to unravel more about myself and will definitely enjoy this adventure!

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