MKE Week 22a – Life after MKE appetizer

This week gave me a taste of the “Life after MKE” ….

After catching up on my 3 late blogs last Sunday, I radically felt reempowered.  Nothing would be in my way anymore after Thursday (tax appointment). Thus I started this week confident, driven and determined to reach that Excellence Carmel and I set ourselves on for the weeks we h left in the program.

For that we set a strategy up using Marco Polo video messaging system to not only create accountability but also support eahc other, what turned out to be a success. “Intuitively”, I knew how I wanted to use this week besides getting my momentum back with the readings: review previous lessons from The Master Key Experience, the 3 last ones I barely read and sat with.

I really enjoyed having this freedom and opportunity to just use and play with the tools we have incorporated for few or a lot more weeks, observing myself in no specific context but simply Life (besides the Franklin Makeover virtue of the week: pleasing personality for me this week). I noticed where and how I could be kin(er), my persistence, how my thoughts direct what happens right in front of me, how I am in control of how I show up in the world and how it clearly effects the vibration of my environment. So fun!!

I deeply know these traits and faculties are now part of my new design and will keep evolving getting stronger and stronger toward a unique common goal: accomplishing my purpose in life, Helping others and creating Liberty for myself. Here I come!!

BLOG Week 22a yoda-quotes


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