MKE Week 17 – Momentum grows

week 17 momentum

If you haven’t read my Week 16 blog I invite you to go there first for a complete understanding of this week 17 blog and then come back here …

Welcome back or happy to have you here again! 🙂

So week 16, on the virtue Kindness, first week leading to a huge breakthrough on how the Giving and Receiving program has been running my life -or should I stay blocking my life till now-, and simply put how I discover this flow as been controlled by my fear of being and having enough. Remember I said it took me two weeks to deal with this, so here is what went on during the second week…

Week 17 of the whole program, 3rd week into the Franklin Makeover, and I chose Courage as my 3rd virtue. While still working on my incomplete understanding of my relationship with Kindness, I get this new insight that put another light on how the Giving and Receiving program runs inside my subconscious, relatively to what I attached to “Kindness”.

By reconnecting mentally and emotionally kindness to myself through my family, school, village, life in general in France where I grew up, I had another breakthrough! For the little French girl up to the adult in France, kindness was associated to “being taken advantage of” and “weakness”. For me it meant that being kind could be greatly hurtful mentally, emotionally and physically. It became clear to me at this point why I gave as much as I received and when I knew I was safe, and in situations where I didn’t have to prove I was not weak. Wow, another significant revelation!

If I summarize, Kindness has been till now strongly connected in my subconscious to fear not only because of the danger of being hurt I discovered this week, but also because of the pain of feeling not enough and not having enough. This is HUGE! As the week went by I felt how this affected me before and how now it is changing me as I give and receive kindness without counting, and still will as long as I keep giving and receiving on kindness everyday without fear but gratefulness and love! This process is making me stronger, happier, more confident, and above all kinder, more giving and loving! I have been feeling amazing these past days and have noticed how people looked at me, interacted and acted around me … ripples ripples ripples of kindness, happiness, goodness one person at the time, domino effect like I like to say! Come aboard and catch a wave with me! 😉

I am also really enjoying and seeing again the simplicity AND power of the exercises proposed to us (i.e. the Franklin Makeover)! Focusing on Courage this week definitely manifested it more in my life, therefore making me take more initiative, being more in action at the same time than making me more decisive (virtue I actually picked for next week), in summary more productive and effective! What helped me get more things done, getting busier, and at the same time more fulfilled and as a result happier!

Finally the sit Haanel suggests at the end of lesson 17 was one of my favorites so far: “…let there be no conscious effort or activity associated with your purpose. Relax completely, avoid any thought of anxiety as to results. Remember that power comes through repose. Let the thought dwell upon your object, until it is completely identified with it, until you are conscious of nothing else. If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage. If you wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on abundance. If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health. Always concentrate on the ideal as an already existing fact; this is the germ cell, the life principle which goes forth and sets in motion those causes which guide, direct and bring about the necessary relation, which eventually manifest in form.” Joel, isn’t it what you are demonstrating to me everyday? 😉

What 2 amazing weeks!! (and still 10 left on the Franklin Makeover!) I am definitely realizing the compound effect of these four months of madness ;-)!! And the incredible potential available to me and to whoever is on this path (and that’s me saying that although I don’t get to everything everyday, so that talks for itself…).

THIS JOURNEY IS AMAZING!! Thank you so much Mark and Davene, the MKE coaches and participants! ❤




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