MKE Week 15 – Discipline

blog week 15'

New assignment : Franklin Makeover. We have been asked to rate 11 virtues from the one needing the greatest improvement to the one needed the least. The number one I am missing greatly at the moment is Discipline… I drifted slowly away from the repetitive task assignments since before Thanksgiving and know/feel/see my old self or Blueprint more and more… I really miss the none effort state of being/doing, the purity lightness and joy of thinking, the Me revealed along the first months of the program …

In the dictionary we can find Discipline as being defined like “a (self)control gained by enforcing obedience or order”, “a training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character”, “a punishment”. Recognizing discipline around me in others and in me this week didn’t seem to have any magnifying effect on my personal and current lack of it… however I am very familiar with the effect the discipline of working out regularly has on me and how it is the step stone of many desired states and behaviors. That became enough to make me finally stop finding diversions and “enforce obedience” to myself to workout tonight. I know I will reinforce this behavior during the weekend, looking for a mental domino effect or contamination on other behaviors like my daily readings and a long term effect that won’t require “enforcing obedience” anymore but rather just that desired auto-fed behavior supported by rewarding reinforcement.

Each week we will have a new virtue to recognize in the world: Kindness is our next one.

Like every first of the month we changed scroll. January is Scroll 4… wow, very powerful! ” Je peux accomplir bien plus que ce que j’ai réalisé jusqu’ici et je le ferai car pourquoi donc le miracle de ma naissance cesserait-il avec ma venue au monde? Pourquoi ne pourrais-je pas étendre ce miracle a mes actes d’aujourd’hui? Je suis le plus grand miracle de la nature!”  I want the discipline to read this message 3 times a day like I did the first scrolls, then everything will change again creating my desired future again …

blog week 15



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