MKE Week 14 – Thought is EVERYTHING

BLOG Week 14 Thought is everything

Prior to week 14, another stepback took place: I was feeling “boredom” towards my daily reading tasks, what brought up a little depressive state … Thanks to the power of the mastermind, the support and greatness of my master mind partner Carmel and my guide Stephana, I understood this feeling of boredom was actually the direct result of my lack of commitment and connection my action and words demonstrated! I then immediately thought of and set with Carmel -using our communication tool Marco Polo- ways to empower myself to get the momentum going again, and I succeeded! “The bravery of each bull is then rated with care according to the number of times he demonstrates his willingness to charge in spite of the sting of the blade. Henceforth do I recognize that each day I am tested by life in like manner. If I persist, if I continue to charge forward, I succeed. I persist until I succeed. I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins.” This experience led me to week 14 -Xmas week- with certainty and confidence regained, complimented by my daily added gratitude cards.

It was in this frame of mind I went to take a series of fitness tests (Resting Metabolic Rate-VO2max). Holding the thought “I am omnipotent” as I was bringing my body to two extreme states: the most relaxing state and the highest cardiovascular exhaustion… what led me to reach top results off the chart for my age and gender category.  As I was running strenuously on the treadmill at the end of my course I knew intellectually my body could be pushed even further but my mind didn’t trust itself to get it there… I knew my limit wasn’t physical but mental, doubt/fear had contaminated my mind… I thought all it would have taken would have been practice to build that trust the mind was really omnipotent, but…. “magic” really happens when there is unconditional trust, in that case simply and only holding the words in my mind “I am omnipotent”.

The beautiful movie “Door to Door” is an inspiring example of the power of the mind. How through Persistence and Patience, words Bill Porter’s mom writes with red sauce on Bill’s sandwich, Bill becomes the sales man of the year besides undeniable physical handicaps and besides everybody’s opinion.

Great lesson revealed that changes completely the way each of us can handle and live their lives!





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