MKE Week 9 – Oneness is feeling available

BLOG Week 9'

Friday night, Thanksgiving weekend …. I’m sitting here in from of my screen trying to start this blog… I had a fantastic day yesterday with such wonderful company; I’m so grateful for the welcome and love I received … and actually continuously have been receiving for at least the last month! The world without being a reflection of the world within and we receive what we give, then I’m surely heading to the life I want to live, keep applying my leanings this durable life changing program! The only element missing yesterday was not having my daughter with me, it was however so lovely when she surprised me called in the evening as I was walking lovingly under a beautiful sky full of stars and a magnificent full moon under the sky of Arizona… I so love when she speaks French with me, it is the most adorable thing and gives me so much love!

Today was also supposed to be an exceptional day, a special spiritual experience going to Sedona, Az …. I unfortunately missed most of it, not being present in the moment, neither for the man who had planned this trip for us, working on my phone … then later we missed more enjoyments, still working … and it did stop there ….

Well phrases from this week started to resonate in my mind as I’m trying to find a place to be and grow from this day: “If you wish to change conditions you must change yourself”, by the law of growth, making ourselves what we want to be, by holding in our mind the condition desired, and applying the law of substitution … easily doable, right? Well on paper it is …. in reality not as much, when we are emotionally strongly connected to the trigger, and even so when the ego claims its place and is back in the game … then it is over! Everyone looses!!!!

Now, I’m looking at ” To think correctly, accurately, we must know the “Truth” ” … this is a fantastic place to be but… where is the truth when we are confronting subjective views?… and when “the secret of the solution to every problem is to apply spiritual truth”… where, what is it?? Is it what’s at the end of the 7 day diet? I believe it definitely will get me closer ….

But above all I realize it is not by asking (these) questions and try to find/force answers I’ll get to it.. but rather by visualizing myself being there, letting my imagination lead me there, with no resistance neither quest for it…. and simply JUST BE IT!!

I feel so free now, so One with the Universe!! 🙂




  1. really loving your post, you picked good quotes to concentrate on , Love the photos and your blog. You wrote with your heart. cheers


  2. I appreciated your description of the struggle; the back and forth between small successes and surprising little setbacks. Your writing was a pleasure to read and carried me right along.


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