MKE Week 8 – Controlled highs and lows…

BLOG Week 8 - Ups and Downs

I love the weekend … I can catch up on what I’m behind with before our Sunday Webcast which by the way fires me up, setting me up for a great week start! Thus I eliminating (again) the procrastination that settles in little by little as the week goes by and my reading momentum decreases. I got the mechanism down now, being disciplined again with the 3 times a day reading and bam, procrastination vanishes! I always feels so fantastic to be back, life feels light, easy, wonderful, happy, exciting, etc!

But this week again I lost the 3 times a day reading momentum … I have yet to find a better way! So I felt I needed to tweak my DMP … reword some parts not only to make it more effective in conditioning my Subby in getting me the results I’m after, but also to feel more connected emotionally to the content. I really like how it sounds like now, definitely more depth but … I know its content is what I want, so how come I don’t get a rush of adrenaline when I read it out loud?!….

Until tonight I still had 2 pieces missing to the equation: a music recording on which are repeated 2 or 3 times key phrases to trigger even more my Subby … I don’t know why I waited (procrastinated!) on this one but now it is done. I’ll start using it tomorrow! The other piece is a very impactful one: my Press Release … the one that makes my DMP alive , the one that screams “I DID IT!!!” … well I left it incomplete …. But it is the weekend and you know what I use the weekend for?! 😉 I made my recording tonight, I’ll complete my PR and get back on track and feel amazing again!

Even if I’m not on a straight trajectory yet toward the attainment of my goals , I know it will become smoother and smoother with time and practice. 47 years of conditioning will take some adjustments to be redirected but now I have and understand the method we are using in the program, practice makes perfect (Perfect Practice Prevent Poor Performance like the law of practice tells us), I easily tell “Je t’aime” to the gal in the glass, and I have a fantastic support system! 😉 Thank You immensely to everyone involved ❤


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