MKE Week 7 – Bigger jump forward confirmed!!

freedom-week 7

Definitely found peace this week, peace within …

I finished week 6 like I had committed myself to, movie board up/shapes sheets all over my outside world/prepared for Sunday webcast… ALL DONE! I was caught up what felt very good getting into Week 7…

Fantastic webcast like always, more peace so more clarity took place, I learnt my lesson… my pseudo freedom is just my ego in play, it is really not needed neither desired anymore … One thing was in the way though that was holding me back from fully jumping into week 7 new tasks and tools …

My movie board -done but quickly done-Β  was leaving me incomplete, unsatisfied… this is what I spent the rest of my Sunday working on, looking up/selecting/compiling pictures together to print and finally assemble … I was this time done and happy looking at it! The price to pay was that my whole day was gone, and nothing else had been done, creating another imbalance, set back like I fell into during the week and got off 24hrs earlier … I chose to get some sleep and not fall either into this habit of sacrificing these precious regenerative hours working, thinking it is a gain and not a loss for me at the end …

I woke up that Monday morning for my regular morning routine (my 12 year old daughter going to school and me to work after) like I hadn’t felt for weeks may be even months … instantly as I opened my eyes negativity took over my body and mind, I felt horrible!! Disappointment, guilt, frustration, I was pissed … I was starting a new week and I was, already and again! behind…Β  at least that’s how I felt, and that internal feeling used to be a regular state of mine years ago … BERK how was I able to tolerate that?? I can’t anymore! I learnt that, there’s a way!

What you don’t know yet is we had been given a new assignment the day before to implement in week 7 … I’m not supposed to talk about it but I can tell you that I was doing exactly what we had been asked NOT to do! – hmm … how surprising of me… – πŸ˜‰

Well interacting with my clients always shifts my energy and removed these feelings out of my internal space … I was free again from my own judgments and blames … “the gal in the glass” who acted up was my friend again πŸ˜‰ …

It is from then that my 2 steps back on week 6, 1.5 forward before week 7, back at least 2 again since week 7 webcast (hmm… let’s do the math, it comes down to -2.5 lol) … like predicted in my Week 6 blog, got followed by not only a bigger step forward but a life changing one! Applying the Week 7 assignment (I can’t talk about, sorry you’ll have to wait …) gave me so much freedom, happiness, bliss! Woahhh …a new world and way of living this life opened itself to me and this is the way I feel is so right for me at this point!! πŸ™‚

It is just not easy -yet- to stay there when 47 years of my life have conditioned me to do and be the opposite so I lost it and had to start over this Seven Day Mental Diet we are on … well till this day (4 days after) I haven’t been able to feel the freedom and bliss again I felt on that Monday… just because I am off the 3 times a day repetition momentum that keeps me laser focused on my goals, therefore removes procrastination and excuses to why I don’t find the time to do it … so I have to find a way to safely (meaning not when I’m driving) implement and distribute effectively my 3 readings a day, instead of 2 or 3 done in the last third of my day… But I started something tonight: I modified my DMP to include that… luckily the weekend is here and I always get my momentum back! Wuhu!!

7 Day Mental Diet, I am back!

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  1. Great blog post this week. So much going on but you were able to see through it being and great observer you kept yourself on point with the assignment that shall not be named. πŸ™‚


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