MKE Week 4 – From within to without… Infinity!

Wonderwoman Invisible_plane'

Each week brings a new discovery… each step bringing me more wonder … what a wonderful state to be in …

Fear and ego put aside helped me birth my new DMP version, opening the door to a new realm… the one where everything I declare, that is already mine, comes to life so simply and easily … just because I said so, aligned with nothing stopping me, the universe using me “to express itself, to be of service, seeking the channel (…) where it can be the of greatest service to mankind” …

Reading just for a day these words that have now an emotional existence and faith, highly vibrating… already put the universe in action to service me and my  of wants, right in front of my astonished eyes as a new day starts… and each following day bringing me more of what I asked for in writing… I am living my life design, my world within creating my world without…! The adventure of MY life has started and I am in command this time!! 🙂



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