MKE 2018 Week 1 – The metamorphosis has started …


Sunday evening was the start of the MKE 2018… I became aware of the program on the very last sign up day BUT in the last 3 to 4 months, I realize now every pieces of my life had got me ready for this day …  for this exciting 6 month transformation!

English is my second language … Everyday, I read, and read, and repeat what I already read once or twice within the same day, the days before … and then the third day comes: Wednesday lunch reading. I’m in my car, on a parking lot and start reading Scroll 1 … this time for the first time the same words don’t feel the same, they feel alive like they belong to my body, like they are alive… what a wonderful feeling it was and when Wednesday evening reading comes, they are back to being letters put together on a paper….

My hours of sleep have decreased since the start of the program … the night homework is taking me time on top of my evening tasks and objectives. After 4h30 of sleep, Thursday morning arrives and my daughter wakes me up… I’m still deeply asleep and right in the middle of a dream, what is unusual for me who never remembers dreaming … I’d so love to though … so let’s see what the following days bring …



  1. meta – morphosis…. = ( above/beyond developement of “something” or “nothing” )….. this happens on /with a thought hat is set out and in to a futuretime asssuming it already exists in presenttime. love joel


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